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Line 2105-10 - Immaterial Textual Note (TNI) More Information

2105-6 Ham. The Mousetrap, mary how tropically, | this play is the Image 
2106-7 of a murther doone in Vienna, {Gonzago} <Gon-| zago>is the Dukes name, his wife 
2107-8 Baptista, you shall see | anon, tis a knauish peece of worke, but what {of} 
2108-10 {that} <o’that>? | your Maiestie, and wee that haue free soules, it touches | vs not, 
2105 The Mousetrap] Title highlight kit1, kit2, alex, evns1, pen2, oxf2, oxf4, fol2, evns2
Mousetrap,] ~ ; —theo1, theo2, warb, theo4; ~ — ard2
2105 2106 2107 2108 2109 2110