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Line 2069 - Material Textual Note (TNM) More Information

2069 That euen our loues should with our fortunes change:3.2.201
2069 Q3, F1, Q5, F2, F3, Q6, Q7, Q8, F4, Q9, Q10, rowe1, rowe2, tjoh1, rowe3, wilk1, tjoh2, wilk2, cap, v1773, v1778, v1785, mal, rann, v1793, v1803, v1813, cald1, v1821, sing1, cald2, knt1, col1, del2, hud1, sing2, dyce1, col3, stau, wh1, glo, ktly, hal, dyce2, cam1, tsch, hud2, cln1, v1877, col4, irv2, oxf1, ard1, nlsn, vand, rid1, cam3, kit1, pen1, cln2, alex, sis, evns1, pen2, ard2, oxf2, oxf4, bev2, fol2, evns2 = Q2 (subst.)
2069 Marked for om. on stage wilk1, wilk2, irv2; om. gar, gent
loues] love oxf1
fortunes] fortuns Q4; fortune’s john1, john2