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Line 1724 - Material Textual Note (TNM) More Information

1724 For who would beare the whips and scornes of time,3.1.69
1724 Q3, Q4, F1, Q5, F2, F3, Q6, Q7, Q8, F4, Q9, Q10, rowe1, rowe2, tjoh1, rowe3, wilk1, tjoh2, wilk2, pope1, pope2, theo1, theo2, han1, han2, theo4, john1, john2, cap, jen, gent, v1773, v1778, v1785, mal, rann, v1793, v1803, v1813, cald1, v1821, sing1, cald2, knt1, col1, del2, hud1, sing2, dyce1, col3, stau, wh1, glo, ktly, hal, dyce2, cam1, tsch, hud2, del4, cln1, mob, v1877, col4, irv2, oxf1, ard1, nlsn, vand, cam3a, rid1, kit1, pen1, parc, cln2, alex, sis, evns1, pen2, ard2, aus, cam4, oxf2, oxf4 = Q2 (subst.)
1724 time] th’time warb