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Line 1374-5 - Commentary Note (CN) More Information

1374-5 Ros. Euen those you were wont to take {such} delight in, | the Trage- 
1375 dians of the Citty.
1877 clns
1375 the Tragedians of the Citty] Neil (ed. 1877): “The licensed players, those having ‘the law of writ and the liberty.’”
1934a cam3
1375 the Tragedians of the Citty] Wilson (ed. 1934): “Generally taken as a topical reference; if so, more appropriate to the Lord Admiral’s men, with its famous tragic player, Edward Alleyn and its Marlowe repertory, than to Sh.’s company, who at this date had made their reputation in comedy rather than tragedy.”
1374 1375