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Line 1345-7 - Commentary Note (CN) More Information

1345-7 ster|ill promontorie, this most excellent Canopie the ayre, | looke 
1632- F2
1346-7 this...firmament] mF2FL27 suggests a parallel to Lorenzo’s speech to Jessica in Mer. : looke how the floor of heaven/ is thick inlayed with patterns of bright gold &c.
1790 mal
1346-7 this...firmamemt]Malone (ed. 1790): “So, in our author’s 21st Sonnet: ‘As those gold candles, fix’d in heaven’s air.’ Again, in The Merchant of Venice: ‘--Look, how the floor of heaven Is thick inlaid with patins of bright gold!’”
1793 v1793
v1793 = mal
1803 v1803
v1803 = v1793
1813 v1813
v1813 = v1803
1819 cald1
cald1 = v1813 +
1346-7 this...firmament] Caldecott (ed. 1819): “And in imitation of the majestical roof of the firmament the magnificent rooms in our palaces and lofty chapels had their roofs stellated at the time; and so continued till after the middle of the last century.”
1821 v1821
v1821 = v1813
1861 wh1
1347 this braue orehanging firmament] WHITE (ed. 1861): “ ‘---this brave o’erhanging firmament’:--Thus the 4tos. The folio omits ’firmament,’ accidentally, beyond a doubt. In the same sentence, the 4tos. have ‘why it appeareth nothing to me but,’ &c.”
1934a cam3
1345-6 sterill promontorie] Wilson (ed. 1934): “a sterile promontory In a sea of troubles”
1993 lupton&reinhard
lupton & reinhard: freud
1345-6 Lupton & Reinhard (1993, pp. 19-20), discussing ‘Mourning and Melancholia’: <p. 19> “Freud’s writings on mourning trace and manifest the interplay between ‘introjection’ and ‘projection’: the articulation and interfolding of inside and outside, subject and object, presence and absence, around an experience of loss . . . </p. 19> <p. 20> . Hamlet enters as an exemplar of melancholic self-reproach, yet speaks the language of the misanthrope: [quotes 1571] [Freud, Standard Edition 14:246]. Hamlet’s world has become ‘a sterile promontory’ because he has fashioned it in the image of his own ego.
“This construction of an outside world through the projection of an interior state is not peculiar to the melancholic, but is central to the process of subject formation.” </p. 20>
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