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Line 680 - Commentary Note (CN) More Information

680 Mar. Nay lets follow him. Exeunt.1.4.91
1872 cln1
680 Nay] Clark & Wright (ed. 1872): “i.e. Let us not leave it to heaven, but do something ourselves.”
1877 v1877
v1877 = cln1
680 Nay]
1881 hud3
hud3 ≈ v1877
680 Nay]
1980 pen2
680 Nay] Spencer (ed. 1980): “(a mild contradiction to Heaven will direct it, implying that they themselves can do something).”
1982 ard2
ard2: cln1
680 Nay] Jenkins (ed. 1982): “i.e. ’let us not leave it to Heaven, but do something ourselves’ (Clarendon).”