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Line 671 - Commentary Note (CN) More Information

671 Still am I cald{,} <?> vnhand me Gentlemen1.4.84
1733- mtby3
671 cald] Thirlby (1733-), referring to 673 (“I say away”), thinks the phrase “Still am I” points to Hamlet’s companion’s rather than the ghost’s action, and he conjectures weakly (fsql,) that cald should be emended to held.
1874 Corson
671 Corson (1874, p. 14): “The ? is better. ‘Am I still called and do I trifle here? unhand me, Gentlemen; By heaven, I’ll make a ghost of him that lets me.’”
Most editors do have the ? or ?—
2006 ard3q2
671 cald] Thompson & Taylor (ed. 2006): “summoned (not necessarily verbally)”

ard3q2: OED
671 vnhand me] Thompson & Taylor (ed. 2006): “take your hands off (OED’s first usage)”