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Line 662 - Material Textual Note (TNM) More Information

662 Which might depriue your soueraigntie of reason,1.4.73
662 Not counting the contraction Q3, Q4, F1, F2, Q5, F3, Q6, Q7, Q8, F4, Q9, Q10, rowe1, rowe2, tjoh1, rowe3, wilk1, tjoh2, wilk2, pope1, pope2, theo1, theo2, theo4, john, cap, jen, v1773, v1778, v1785, mal, rann, v1793, v1803, v1813, cald1, v1821, sing1, cald2, knt1, col1, col2, del2, hud1, sing2, dyce1, elze1, col3, stau, wh1, glo, ktly, hal, dyce2, cam1, tsch, hud2, del4, cln1, col4, hud3, irv2, wh2, oxf1, ard1, nlsn, vand, rid1, cam3, kit1, cln2, alex, sis, evns1, pen2, ard2, chal, cam4, oxf2, oxf4, bev2, ard3q2, ard3f1 = Q2 (subst.)
662 Marked for om on stage Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q10, wilk1, wilk2; om. gent
662 depriue] deprave han1, han2, warb, han3
662 your . . . reason] you of your Soveraign Reason mcol1 conj. apud hamilton; of sovereignty your reason hunter (2:223) conj.