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Line 644 - Commentary Note (CN) More Information

644 Hora. It beckins you to goe away with it 1.4.58
1733- mtby3
644, 664 Thirlby (ms. note in theo1) has a xef to 5:226.5.10. This is to Timon “Whom Fortune with her iv’ry hand wafts to her. There he has the x-ref to VII.249.23 & 32 & 250.9. waves v.v.10. Hoc ibi. v. VII.249.19. Thirlby also notes that both Hamlet and Timon use beckons very hard upon wafts or waves. In Tim. at line 10 “With one man beck’d from the rest below,” and in Ham at VII.249.19, “It beckons you to go away with it.” for Ham. 664.
1770 Gentleman
644-80 Gentleman (1770, 1: 18): “the conclusion of this scene is admirably composed of broken sentences; terror, passion and assumed resolution.”