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Line 621+5 - Commentary Note (CN) More Information

621+5 {From our atchieuements, though perform’d at height}1.4.21
1819 cald1
621+5 at height] Caldecott (ed. 1819): “To the utmost, topping every thing.”
1832 cald2
cald2 = cald1
621+5 at height]
1839 knt1
knt1: See n. 621 +1.
1870 Abbott
621+5 at height] Abbott (§ 90): “The is . . . omitted after prepositions in adverbial phrases.” [quotes 621+5]”
1872 cln1
cln1cald2 gloss without attribution + //
621+5 at height] Clark & Wright (ed. 1872): “To the utmost. Compare [Ado 4.1.301 (1964)]: ‘in the height.’”
1877 v1877
v1877 ≈ cald; Allen, Abbott + in magenta underlined
621+5 at height] Furness (ed. 1877): “Caldecott: To the utmost. [An instance of the absorption of the definite article; at height, i.e. at the height. Thus also ‘with blood’ [750]. See Allen’s note, [Rom. p. 429]. Abbott, § 90, considers the as simply omitted. Ed.”
I would not have said “simply omitted.’
v1877: Allen Rom.
621+5 at height] Allen (apud Furness, ed. 1871), re his Rom. 3.2.6 (1650) emendation: ‘That’ runaway’s eyes’ with an apostrophe after That: “I do this to indicate that the definite article is present there in full life and force; that it was there in the mind of the Poet and in that of those who heard the line spoken from the stage; and that it would be there for us, also, if the grammarian and the elocutionist had not trained us to a system of spelling and reading and hearing, of which our ancestors had been all but innocent.” He says that the article is necessary and here elided rather than omitted.
1885 macd
macd cald without attribution
621+5 at height] MacDonald (ed. 1885): “performed to perfection”
1885 mull
mull: standard (utmost from cald without attribution)
621+5 at height] Mull (ed. 1885): “utmost, so brilliantly.”
1929 trav
621+5 at height] Travers (ed. 1929): “high exploits indeed.”
1939 kit2
kit2: standard
621+5 at height] Kittredge (ed. 1939): "at the full height (the acme) of possible acievement."
1947 cln2
cln2: standard
621+5 at height] Rylands (ed. 1947): "at their best."
1980 pen2
pen2: standard
621+5 though . . . height] Spencer (ed. 1980): “though they are the summit of our endeavour.”
1987 oxf4
oxf4: standard
621+5 at height] Hibbard (ed. 1987): "most brilliantly, to perfection."
1988 bev2
bev2: standard
621+5 at height] Bevington (ed. 1988): “outstandingly.”
1994 OED 2nd edition on Internet
621+5 atchieuements] “achievement . . . . atchievement . . . .
“2. Anything achieved, accomplished, or won by exertion; a feat, a distinguished and successful action, a victory. . . .
“3. Her. An escutcheon or ensign armorial, granted in memory of some achievement, or distinguished feat. (In this sense variously contracted or corrupted to atcheament, achement, atch’ment, ach’ment, achment, hachement, hatchment.) . . . . ”
2006 ard3q2
ard3q2: standard
621+5 though . . . height] Thompson & Taylor (ed. 2006): “although these may be outstanding”