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Line 621+17 - Immaterial Textual Note (TNI) More Information

621+17 {His vertues els be they as pure as grace,}1.4.33
621+17 els^] ~ , pope1, pope2, theo1, han1, han2, theo3, theo4, han3, jen, elze1, col4, evns1, pen2, ard2, bev2, ard3q2; ~ — dyce2, hud2, hud3, irv2, v1877, . . . kit1, cln2, alex
621+17-621+18 Parenthetical from be to vndergoe cap, v1773, v1778, v1785, mal, rann, v1793, v1803, v1813, cald1, v1821, sing1, cald2, knt1, sing2, dyce1, stau, glo, ktly, dyce2, cam1, hud2, v1877, dyce3, col4, hud3, irv2, ard1, . . . kit1