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Line 603 - Commentary Note (CN) More Information

603 Enter Hamlet, Horatio {and} Marcellus...
175 344 603 604
1939 kit2
kit2: standard
603 Kittredge (ed. 1939): "This scene takes place on teh second night of the action and begins shortly after midnight. See [175; 344, etc.]."
1980 pen2
603 Spencer (ed. 1980): “Barnardo is not now included in the group, though from 1.2.225 and 253 we are led to expect him. As a sentinel, he could not abandon his post; and it would be awkward to leave him on stage when Horatio and Marcellus rush off after Hamlet.”
1982 ard2
603 Jenkins (ed. 1982): “This scene, like 1,1 takes place on the platform of the battlements. See 405, 452”

603 S.D.] Jenkins (ed. 1982): “The absence of Barnardo receives no explanation, and needs none beyond dramatic convenience. Hamlet, like Horatio before him, is provided with two companions; the third is redundant.”
1988 bev2
bev2: standard
603 Bevington (ed. 1988): “Location: The guard platform.”