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Line 46 - Material Textual Note (TNM) More Information

46 Bar. Last night of all,1.1.35
46 Q3, Q4, F1, F2, Q5, F3, Q6, Q7, Q8, F4, Q9, Q10, rowe1, rowe2, tjoh1, rowe3, tjoh2, pope1, pope2, theo1, theo2, han1, han2, warb, theo4, john, cap, han3, jen, v1773, v1778, ays1, v1785, mal, rann, v1793, v1803, v1813, cald1, v1821, sing1, cald2, knt1, col1, col2, del2, hud1, sing2, dyce1, elze1, col3, stau, wh1, glo, ktly, hal, dyce2, cam1, tsch, hud2, cln1, v1877, col4, hud3, irv2, oxf1, ard1, nlsn, cam3, rid1, rid2, kit1, pen1, parc, cln2, alex, sis, evns1, pen2, ard2, chal, cam4, oxf2, oxf4, bev2, fol2, ard3q2, ard3f1 = Q2 (subst.)
46 50
46 50 transp and added. to 46 to make one line vand