Hamlet Concordances
Search the Four Text Hamlet Concordance
Use the form above to search the Four Text Hamlet Concordance. Select one or more texts to search using the checkboxes, all of which are checked by default. Search strings are case insensitive - "dagger" is equivalent to "Dagger" - and may include certain regular expressions. For instance, "perse.er" or "perse[u,v]er" will find "perseuer" or "persever", "mur[d,t]h?er" will find words beginning "murder" or "murther". Adding "\b" to the end of a string adds a word boundary to the search. Thus "dagger" will find "dagger" or "daggers", but "dagger\b" will only find "dagger" as a word. "q[a-z]*n\b" will find all words beginning with "q" and ending in "n". OR searches may be made using the "|" nested in parentheses - e.g.: "(king|queen)" will find all strings beginning with "king" or "queen", "(god|hea[u,v]en)" will find all strings beginning with "god" or with "heaven" or "heauen". The quoted search term (marked by a bold red font) in the heading for any given concordance search is linked to a Global Language search of that term in all the plays of the Verplanck edition of Shakespeare's works. These searches may be expanded to concordance searches of the texts of The Chief Elizabethan Dramatists.