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3078+1 {Laer. My Lord I will be rul'd,} 3078+14.7.69
3078+2 {The rather if you could deuise it so}4.7.70
3078+3 {That I might be the organ.}4.7.70
3078+4 {King. It falls right,}4.7.71
3078+5 {You haue beene talkt of since your trauaile much,}4.7.72
3078+6 {And that in Hamlets hearing, for a qualitie} 4.7.73
3078+7 {Wherein they say you shine, your summe of parts}4.7.74
3078+8 {Did not together plucke such enuie from him}4.7.75
3078+9 {As did that one, and that in my regard}4.7.76
3078+10 {Of the vnworthiest siedge.}4.7.76
3078+11 {Laer. What part is that my Lord?}4.7.77
3078+12 {King. A very ribaud in the cap of youth,} 4.7.78
3078+13 {Yet needfull to, for youth no lesse becomes}4.7.79
3078+14 {The light and carelesse liuery that it weares}4.7.80
3078+15 {Then setled age, his sables, and his weedes} 
3078+16 {Importing health and grauenes;} <Some> two months {since} <hence>  

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3078+4 {King. It falls right,}4.7.71

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3078+4 {King. It falls right,}4.7.71