Manuscripts Consulted
The following bibliography lists the manuscripts the team has consulted in the production of the Hamlet database. We have used the standard sigla for manuscripts as provided by the New Variorum Handbook [HB]. When sigla were not listed there, the team created sigla that reflect either the manuscript’s author or the location of the ms. [i.e. FL for Folger Shakespeare Library]. Bracketed numbers provide a sampling of relevant TLNs.
Adams, John Quincy. Letter to James H. Hackett Esqr New York. Dated Washington Feb. 7 1839. Folger Y.c.10(3).
mAnon] c. 1630. Uncatalogued ms: Folger MS ADD 672. Unbound folio. 28 leaves. Fol. 27r has an allusion to Ham. [2362]: “soe farre is death from being held an evill to perfect resolusions as the Revengfull Dane in the Tragedie would not take his Uncles Life while hee made his devotions.” Collation of this manuscript remains incomplete.
mAnon 1790-Bod] ms. notes in Malone’s 1790 edition, Bodleian Mal. c. 72-82. [314, 716]
mF2FL21] Folger F2 with ms. notes. The inside flyleaf says that the mss notations are by Theobald, but this seems a debatable proposition. [628]
mF2FL27] Folger F2 with ms. notes with post warb, theo and john emendations. The HB dates it ca. 1750, but perhaps 1765- would be more accurate. [514, 792, 1219-20, 1345-7]
mF2FL48] Folger F2 with MS notes derived mainly from pope and theo, with others unlabeled. STC 22274, -1747.
mF3BL] Britsh Library F3 with MS marginal and interleaved notes, dated 1743. BL C.39.i.20. [1463-4, 1524, 1535, 1542, 1547, 1637, 1721, 1733, 1935]
mF4Q] Folger F4 with MS notes in F4, attributed to J. P. Quincy. 1685-. Also see Quincy, J. P. Manuscript Corrections from a Copy of the Fourth Folio of Shakespeare’s Plays. Boston: Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1854. [795, 2119, 2315, 2457, 2517, 3035, 3731, 3816, 3858]
mF4TTC] Extensive MS annotation in Trinity College Lib (Cambridge) H.18.12. Many classical analogues/sources [of questionable value], parallels to other Shakespeare plays, earlier quarto readings. 1733? [1426, 79, 156, 613, 541 762, 783, 863, 1234, 1304-5, 1451, 570, 1681, 1870, 2004, 2364, 2451, 3290, 3473, 3543, 3809]
mBoad2] ms. [by J. Boaden] comments and corrections of mal— Folger PR 2752 1790c copy 3 sh col. mostly likely all after 1823 (the date a copy of Q1 emerged), since he refers to Q1 at least twice. [165-6, 271-2]
mBoad3] C. Boaden’s ms. notes in a Theobald-annotated copy of Q5 (DYCE M 8965 D.25.63) at V&A Museum]. MS note on recto of the flyleaf: “This copy was once the property of that valuable injured Editor, Lewis Theobald. See the collations and Remarks in his handwriting, passim. C. Boaden.” [763-5, 3182-3].
mBrowne] Isaac Hawkins Browne (1705-1760), Critical Notes on the Plays of Shakespeare. Extensive notes on Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, The Merry Wives of Windsor, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Love’s Labour’s Lost, and As You Like It. BL Ms 0.12.575 g[72, 104, 108, 110,227, 395, 512, 544, 621+1, 621+20, 627, 632, 1661, 1663]
mCald] Caldecott his 1819 edition [cald1]. BL 11766.k.20; [1481-2, 1626, 3313]
mCLR1] a 1773 reissue of theo, with ms. notes by Coleridge. BM C.45.a.21.[1113, 1773, 1758, 2206, 2234 (this may actually be about 2206, a continuation from the previous page, where Coleridge ran out of room at the bottom), 2843-5, 2878, 3112+4, 3473, 3869]
mCLR2] Coleridge’s ms. notes dated 1819 in Ayscough, ed. 1807 (BL shelf mark C.61.h.7).
m1807 (BL C.61.h.7.vol.2 of 2). 1819. [222, 777, 792, 793, 1542, 1642-3, 1953-4, 2206, 3472-3]
mCOL1] Collier’s notes in the Perkins F2 -1853.
mCOL2] Collier’s personal Collier ed. 1843, Vol. 7. Bodleian C.134.f.1 [124+11, 1463-4]
mCooke] Cooke, George Frederick. MS annotations in a copy of the 1782 players’ edition (London: C. Bathurst et al.), Library of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Literary and Philosophical Society. [622, 845, 885]
mDyce] Alexander Dyce’s copy of his book Remarks on Mr. J. P. Collier’s and Mr. C. Knight’s Editions of Shakespeare (1844) has further comments written in the margins. Victoria and Albert, shelf mark 4. D. 21. [604]
mEliot or mLewes]Lewes/Eliot ms. notes in ed. 1832. Her notes are probably after 1853, but conservatively I put it at 1851 when they met. His notes could have begun soon after the publication of the ed., after 1832. They took the book with them to Germany and used it there. See Kliman. “Cum Notis Variorum: Sucking Honey from Annotations: George Eliot and George Henry Lewes on Shakespeare.” Shakespeare Newsletter 49.3 (Fall 1999): 59-60, 64, 74, 78.
mFish] 1850-] Fish, Asa. ms. commentary notes (ca. 1850-1879). Fish died in 1879. He was a colleague of Furness at U Penn and Dean of the Shakespeare Society of Philadelphia. Folger Library shelf mark: S.a. 192-205. Many attributed transcriptions of published material and some original notes. Also includes commentary excerpts from a variety of editorial and extra-editorial publications, cut and pasted in. This compilation is very much in the tradition of a variorum commentary. Each of these fourteen immense volumes devoted to Hamlet include full editions pasted at the front (e.g. for Act 3, Carl Ludwig Wilhelm Francke’s 1849 edition) as well as page cuttings pasted between batches of commentary (e.g. the beginning of the play scene has a page of text (looks like a school text paperback). [2036, 2037, 2041, 2051, 2063, 2124-5, 2370]
mGrey] Zachary Grey’s Notes and Extracts in five volumes (dates 1747-66). Cambridge Univ. Lib. Ee. 6. 42-6. 1747-66. [124+8, 244, 660, 719, 752, 829, 898, 1481, 2085+2, 2558, 2784]
mHal1] Halliwell’s copy of The Devonshire Hamlets, printed by Josiah Allen, jun. 1860. With a bibliographical preface, pp. vii - x, by Saml. Timmins, dated January, 1860, and a ‘Hamlet’ Bibliography, which usefully includes editions from all over Western Europe, and criticism in journals as well as book-length commentaries, pp. xi-xv. This is a facing-page // ed. of Q1 and Q2 1604 with ms notes by Halliwell. BL shelf no. C.34.i.19.. No commentary notes. See immaterial collation for these notes.
mHoadly] Dr. John (1711-76?). Son of Benjamin Hoadly (1706-1757). Ms. notes in 1751 edition printed for J. and P. Knapton, T. Longman, C. Hitch, and the Rest of the Proprietors. [372]
mHunter] (Prolegomena and Notes on Shakespeare [BL ADD. MS 24,495 ] : pp. 219-46). 24,495 begins w/ Tem. and goes through the plays. Hamlet is on ff, 219-46v with each topic numbered, from 1-105, after a general introduction. Microfilm. [13, 54, 110, 124+5, 124+11, 132, 133, 159, 162, 165, 173, 245, 266, 295, 316, 368, 370, 377, 483, 484k 596, 613, 621+1, 621+3, 637, 638, 724, 3030, 3211, 3380-2, 3400, 3446-7]. 24,496 seems to be an appendix. Again, the collection starts w/ Tem. Ham is on ff. 87-130, w/ topics numbered from 152-398. I do not see the topics from 106-151. These appendix notes do not appear to be different in kind from the notes in 24,495. 24,497 has Notes on his Life and Writings, made after the publication of my New Illustrations, &c. 1846.” Again, I am scanning for Ham material. He starts w Bright’s pencil notes. He continues w notes in Bright’s copy of v1821, vol by vol. Some volumes have none or one, some a lot: none for Hamlet.
mHun2] Hunter ms. notes. BL 24,497
mIngleby1] Miscellaneous Letters, v. 4. Folger Library: C.a. 25. Collection of letters to C.M. Ingleby from various correspondents. These are identified by the names of the correspondents.. Only a few letters contain notes or comments on Hamlet. Letter #2 from R[obert] G. Latham, dated Jan. 18, 1864 [or 9?], addresses the words “pajocke” (2156) and “Polack” (1088): there is a clipped column from an unidentified glossary attached (see siglum commentary for transcripton of letter and clippling). Letter #54 [mIRVING] from Henry Irving, dated July 18, 1879, deals with the question of omissions in the representation of Hamlet on the stage. Letter #55-#57[mNICHOLSON] are from B[rinsley] Nicholson: #55 from B[rinsley] Nicholson, dated Jan. 12, 1878, addresses the “dram of eale” crux (621+20); #56, from Nicholson, dated Jan. 23, 1878, returns to “eale” and moves on to “of a doubt” (621+21). Letter #57, from Nicholson, dated May 2, 1878, deals with “the table of my memory” (783).
mIngleby2] ms. notes in cam1. PR 2752 1863-1866v. 8, c. 2 sh col 1886-
mIrving] Henry Irving's Letter # 54, to C. M. Ingleby, dated July 18, 1879. In volume 4 of Miscellaneous Letters: Folger Library C.a. 25. Letter provides rationale for text omissions for representation of Hamlet on the stage.
mJOHN1] Thomas Davies’s annotated JOHN1 edition. Folger PR 2752 1765a c.7
mLettsom] Victoria & Albert museum. DYCE 26 D 13 58-72 (W. Nansom Lettsom letters to Dyce)
mLewes1] George Henry.MS annotations in a copy of Coleridge’s Remains. This is Folger Film fo. 92.4.
mLewes2] George Henry. MS annotations in Knight’s 2nd ed. of Sh. 1843 and possibly after. C. Knight’s Library Edition of Shakspere. Folger PR 2752 1842-1844a c.3 v.8 sh col [124+5, 156, 245, 524, 604, 614, 718-20, 783, 795, 1139-50, 1454-5, 1462, 1629-32, 1638-9, 1641, 1713, 1738-42, 1766-70, 1804, 2022, 2164-7, 2180, 2498, 2579, 3130-53, 3178-9, 3548-9].
mLong] Roger Long’s annotated copy of F2. Pembroke College, Cam. LC.I.11. The notes look completely derivative. This could be the MS LONG that cam1 refers to. [1733?-]
mMal1] Edmond Malone’s ms. notes evidently prepared to help Steevens for v1773 and v1778. BL 30,943 (f. 50r). -1778
mMal2] Edmond Malone’s ms. notes on cap. Malone collates, BL C.60.g10
mMal3 Edmond Malone’s ms. notes on some leaves of CAPN. Folger S.b.112.
mMal4, Malone’s ms. notes in his copy of Johnson’s Dictionary,. 3 volumes BL C.45.f.9-11
mMal6 Malone’s heavily annotated copy of Canons of Criticism, 3rd ed. 1750. BL Grenville 18454.
mMisc. 1864-80] Miscellaneous Letters, v. 4. Folger Library: C.a. 25. Collection of letters to C. M. Ingleby from various correspondents. Letter #2 from R[obert] G. Latham, dated Jan. 18, 1864 [or 9?], addresses the words “pajocke” (2156) and “Polack” (1088): Letter #54 from Henry Irving, dated July 18, 1879, deals with the question of omissions in the representation of Hamlet on the stage <bwk> (see transcription in Irving doc). </bwk> Letter #55 from B[rinsley] Nicholson, dated Jan. 12, 1878, addresses the “dram of eale” crux (621+20). Letter #56, from Nicholson, dated Jan. 23, 1878, returns to “eale” and moves on to “of a doubt” (621+21). Letter #57, from Nicholson, dated May 2, 1878, deals with “the table of my memory.” (above TLNs and 783)
mStau] ms. Notes in Knight, ed. 1857. Folger card indicates that this volume is Charles Knight’s 7th edition. This volume was owned by P. A. Daniel with “a few” of his notes as well as annotation by Howard Staunton. There are three sets of ms. notes , each set in a different hand: the oldest is appearance is the set in black ink (believe that these are Staunton’s); the other two sets are in pencil. All of the notes, in whatever hand, are struck through with a vertical mark in either red or green pencil. Folger 2752 1857j c.3 sh col
mSteevens] This is George Steeven’s copy of v1793. 1799. Bod.. Mal. C179-93
mTay] John Taylor’s ms annotations in one of Trinity College’s copies of v1813 (shelfmark H.10.18). c. 1850 Taylor had a copy of Q1 and had numerous marginal notations regarding Q1 readings, and interleaved three pages with longer Q1 scenes.
mTBY2] Styan Thirlby’s ms notes in pope (1723-25). Beinecke at Yale Osborn Collection. fpc 13/1-6.
mTBY3] ms. notes in theo (1733) Folger C.2 V.7 sh col
mtTBY4] ms. notes in warb (1747) Folger warb c.2, v.8.
mTheo1] Theobald’s ms notes in F2FL20, 1723-33. Folger
mTheo2] Theobald’s letters to Warburton 1729-34. Folger, Phillipps MS 8565.
mTheo3] Theobald’s letters to William Warburton. 1729-36. British Library, Egerton MS 1956.
mTheo4] Q5 with Theobald’s marginal annotations. This quarto was owned by C. Boaden and his interleaved annotations are bound within the copy. Victoria & Albert dyce m 4to 8965 D.25.D.63.
mTol1] George Tollet’s ms. notes in theo2 Folger PR 2762 1740 c.4 v.8 sh col. Tollet underlines many words without writing comments. Perhaps he means Steevens to pay especial attention to these.
mTol2] Tollett’s ms. notes in Benjamin Heath’s A Revisal of Shakespear’s Text in Heath. Folger PR 3070 H4 Cage. c.2
mTol4] George Tollet. MS notes in Upton’s 2nd edition of Critical Observations on Shakespeare (1748). Folger PR 2975 U6 1748 Cage.
mTyr] copy of F2, C.39.i.13.
mWesley] Wesley, Samuel (1766-1837). “Notes on Shakespeare.” A typescript of copious ms. notes made by Wesley in his copy of v1785 in which “Samuel Wesley 1790” appears on the TP of each vol. Wesley, a nephew of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, was apparently a significant British composer whose entry in the Grove Dictionary of Music runs to over six pages. [See search HW CNs for examples of comments]